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General Information about IAESTE
IAESTE - The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience -, is an organization present in more than 80 countries with the largest exchange of practical training placements worldwide, for students in the fields of engineering, science & architecture. Is an internationally accredited NGO by UNESCO and the UN, and keeps permanent representatives to these organizations in New York, Geneve and Zürich. (NGO) . IAESTE is a non-profit, non-political independent organization.
It was founded in 1948 in London by the delegations of 10 countries. Since then more than 300,000 students have taken international practical training. To date the exchange is approximately 7,000 professional practical training placements every year. It carries the largest exchange of placements, both yearly and in over-all figures.
The objective of IAESTE is to foster the international exchange of higher education students, in order to provide them with practical experience at professional level applying their knowledge in real life environments abroad. It is also an objective of IAESTE to foster international understanding and goodwill among the students of all nations.
The program operates by the principle of compulsory international reciprocity: In order for IAESTE Mexico to have practical training placements abroad for Mexican students, companies in Mexico must provide the same number of practical trainig placements for foreign trainees.
In Mexico operations started in 1985 represented by AMIPP (Asociación Mexicana de Intercambio Práctico Profesional), attending industrial, academic and students spheres of interest. Keeps formal relation with 32 universities, has provided service to more than 600 companies, and is operated by professional staff.

Characteristics of International practical trainings.
Each training is designed to provide international practical experience both to the receiving company and the foreign trainee, leading to perform better in their line of business, activity and professional environment. Companies can use IAESTE to help their employees develop international and multicultural skills, as well as optimize ongoing projects and functions with a fresh international scope. Foreign trainees gain precise knowledge on real life application within their professional field, since the projects and functions in which they participate are defined by the company where their professional background and abilities are required for specific solutions to real life situations.
All practical trainings take place primarily in industry, and in lesser degree in professional organizations, research institutes and universities. A practical training may take from 8 to 52 weeks time, being the average 12 weeks. Almost all practical trainings have a starting date in the next summer after registration to the program.
During the period in which the practical training takes place, each trainee receives a monthly subsidy/maintainance allowance in local currency enough to cover their living expenses (lodging, food and local transportation), financed by the receiving company. The program does not cover round trip expenses to and fro the training place, nor the insurance for the trainee which is a requirement that must be covered by the trainee (or another sponsoring organization in their home country).
In countries wher IAESTE is present, the national representation is responsible of all negotiatons leading to raising practical training placements for foreign trainees with participating companies/organizations. It is also responsible for processing the proper migration documents for each foreign trainee, as well as assisting the receiving company/organization and foreign trainee with accurate information for the best possible development of the training.

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